“kisan samaj”, the India’s pioneer agricultural and rural news magazine has a proud record of disseminating vital information to the rural masses of the country. Our, over a half-century’s experience in agriculture journalism has given us as in-depth understanding of the needs of the farmer.

Kisan Samaj Inspiration:

  1. Increase in the rural income due to agrarian prosperity.
  2. Large inflow of investment for rural development programmes from government and other sources.
  3. Increased contact of rural people with their urban counterparts.
  4. Increase in literacy level among rural folks and the resultant inclination to lead sophisticated lives.
  5. Inflow of foreign remittances and foreign made goods into rural areas

Kisan Samaj Mission:

  1. Equip the farmer with new scientific techniques / technologies.
  2. Educate the farmer and his family.
  3. Transform rural India into vibrant India.
  4. Introduce to the farmers new Hybrid Seeds/ Bio-Fertilizers /Bio Pesticides, Organic Manure etc.
  5. Introduce aspects of good living in rural India.
  6. Create more employment.
  7. Provide more business opportunities.
  8. Provide awareness of new products.

Kisan Samaj Vision :

  1. Reach in all 5,76,000 villages in India.
  2. Reach every tractor owned farmer.
  3. Create strong brand image. Make a base of more than 5,00,000 subscribers
  4. Insure 50 lacks farmers against accidental death and permanent disability.
  5. Grass root level marketing network.
  6. Issue five lacks V.V.I.F. Card.
  7. Kisan Samaj gives ‘Best Farmer’ award every year
  8. Insure every subscriber for Rs. 1 lac against accident/permanent disability in association.
  9. Issue ‘Kisan Card’ & ‘Very Very Important Farmer Card’ etc. to the special members.
  10. Kisan Samaj brings out Kisan Samaj Directory.
  11. Kisan Samaj does Relationship Marketing with a Bare foot approach.
  12. Organize T.V. and Radio programmers with farmers through our experts.
  13. Kisan Samaj has 8 state directors, field executives, distributors and agents.
  14. Award prizes under different Quiz Programs.
  15. Kisan Samaj organize Agro Fairs/Expos/Seminars at Local /District /State /National /International level.

Kisan Samaj the pioneer rural family Newspaper in India:

kisan Samaj is the largest circulated multi colour hindi News Paper circulated in the country.The circulation of kisan Samaj (Hindi) is above 40,000 copies every month in Hindi.Kisan Samaj is the only publication to adopt the marketing strategy in all industries (Mainly in Agro Industries) in publication.

  1. Kisan Samaj covers semi urban, rural and interior rural India.
  2. Kisan Samaj haave participated in more than 25 National and International Fairs.
  3. Kisan Samaj has more than 500 corporates mainly from agricultural input industries.
  4. Content of the newspaper is mainly for farmer and his family.
  5. Kisan Samaj has also started publishing yearly Diaries & Calendars for our readers.

Kisan Samaj Assets:

  1. Contributions from renowned Agricultural Universities/ Institutions/ Business Houses/ Private Sectors.
  2. Highly educated, experienced and self-motivated marketing team.
  3. Advertiser’s faith due to Kisan Samaj market oriented approach.
  4. Work dedication of Kisan Samaj staff / dealers.
  5. A thought for rural development.